About Us

When your quality of life is affected by an orthopedic condition, or shattered by an orthopedic injury, you want your care to be handled by highly skilled and compassionate musculoskeletal specialists. At Southwest Bone and Joint Institute (SBJI), that's what we want for you too.

When Dr. Brian Robinson founded Grant County Orthopedic Associates in 1999, he was determined to provide area residents with a top-quality, "top-caring" orthopedic practice. In just a few years, the practice has earned an excellent reputation for its treatment successes and its warm, personalized approach. Now known as Southwest Bone and Joint Institute, the organization provides comprehensive musculoskeletal care that includes physiatry (physical and rehabilitation medicine), EMG/NCV neurological diagnostics, and musculoskeletal imaging.

Today, we're determined to keep building on our successes - for our patients' benefit. New staff members are selected for their professional skills and "people skills." Our affiliation with Gila Regional Medical center, which shares our commitment to quality and caring, is stronger than ever, and our board-certified/board-eligible physicians offer expertise in a growing number of orthopedic speciality areas, including:

Advanced Surgical Techniques

State-of-the-Art Technology

Small Town Hospitality

General Orthopedics (Bones and Soft Tissues)

Total Joint Replacement, including computer navigation

Sports Medicine

Arthroscopic Surgery

Orthopedic Trauma and Fracture

Hand Surgery

Ankle Disorders

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Open MRI.